Monday, December 12, 2016

37 Ways to Hang With Your Besties

How was your weekend, Besties?  Mine was busy but so fun!  I got some quality time with the fam as well as a whole day of brunching and Christmas shopping with some of my besties (thanks, husband!). We have been carving out regular, intentional time together for a while now, and my life has been so much sweeter because of it.  There's something amazing that comes alive in us when we are with people who really know us and really love us.  I mean, they really know alllll about us....our quirks, our imperfections, our vulnerabilities, our strengths, our weaknesses, our face with and without makeup, our gifts, our talents, our deepest hopes.  And.  They. Love.  Us.  Anyway.  Like, all the time, no matter what.

How crazy is that?!

But it's the best.  I'm beyond thankful for the many friends in my life who, after spending time with them, I just feel full... like I can go out there and keep doing this thing called life.

So today I want to give you a list of 37 ways to hang with your besties!  Some of these things you may already do regularly with your friends, but hopefully you find one or two things that are new to try.  It's easy to get in a routine and meet at the same coffee shop or restaurant every time you hang out (not that there's anything wrong with that).  But there's also something great about trying new things together and going out of your comfort zone a little.  As always, take what works for you and leave the rest!

1.  Go ice skating - you don't need to be kids to enjoy this and there will surely be lots of laughs when people inevitably bite it (or is that just me?!)

2.  Go out for drinks

3.  Get manicures

4.  Go sledding - free fun here, with the same benefits of number 1! ;)

5.  Have a pajama day - PJs required, veg, watch movies & eat delicious, unhealthy snacks (junk food just tastes better with your besties!)

6.  Watch a movie you all loved when you were growing up

7.  FaceTime instead of calling each other to catch up

8.  Host a besties dinner party at your place

9.  Do something creative together (craft, paint bar, scrapbook - whatever floats your boat)

10.  Collect all the clothes you no longer wear and donate them together

11.  Listen to an encouraging podcast or watch an interesting TED Talk together.  Discuss amongst yourselves.  

12.  Plan a getaway together and actually put it on the calendar.

13.  Go out for dessert and don't worry about those calories for once! (I'm told they don't count when you're with your besties)

14.  Binge watch a TV show together

15.  Ask how you could most be of service to each friend and plan a time when you can help them in that way.

16.  Spend time as a group with their significant others - if they are important to your besties, it's important for you to get to know them!

17.  Go for a walk somewhere scenic together

18.  Workout together

19.  Play "hot seat" - everyone gets two minutes on the "hot seat."  When it's your turn on the hot seat, your besties get to ask you anything they want!

20.  Do a secret Santa gift exchange

21.  Tell each other what you love and appreciate most about each other

22.  Volunteer together

23.  Plan to do something kind for someone else together

24.  Celebrate EVERY birthday together, even if it can't be on the actual day of.

25.  Try a meal at a new restaurant

26.  Go shopping (it's always more fun with your besties)

27.  Get coffee together 

28.  Get pedicures

29.  Run errands (being productive is better with a bestie too)

30.  Pray with each other

31.  Jam out to your favorite music

32.  Spend a day at the beach

33.  See a play or musical

34.  Visit a new place 

35.  Share something you read that encouraged you (chances are it will also encourage your besties)

36.  Have a picnic

37.  Go to a museum or gallery

I hope you are excited for your next hang out with your besties!  I definitely am!  Have a great day!


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