Friday, December 16, 2016

6 Snapchats Friends Send to Stay Connected

It's FriYAY, Besties!  Today I want to share why I love Snapchat for staying connected to friends and family who live far away.  I already told you why connection is important (especially during this busy time of year).  And we also discussed that ideally, we would connect in person/over FaceTime/on the phone.

But sometimes our days get away from us and we find ourselves wishing we could say "I'm thinking of you" to a loved one yet we simply don't have time for a five minute check-in, let alone an hour long catch up session.  This is where Snapchat becomes our bestie.

Snapchat gives you a peek into a person's day; you can see their face, their kids, what they are up to in 10 seconds or less.  You can send a pic or a video clip and, just for a moment, it feels like you are there with them.

Snapchat certainly cannot replace the hour long catch up session, or even the five minute check-in.  But on a day when you want a bit of face to face connection and you have no other way to get it, Snapchat can be a lifesaver.  Below, I present my 6 most often used snapchats to stay in touch on a busy day:

  • The fun filter snapchat (see above).  Bonus points if you can comment something punny.

  • The insomnia snapchat.  Because it's lonely being the only one awake.

  • The pouty I miss you face snapchat.  Boom:  message sent.

  • The Bestie confession snapchat.  It's always better to tell a secret when you know it will disappear in a few seconds.

  • The exact thing you're doing right now snapchat.  Because life can't all be an Instagram-worthy highlight reel, am I right?

  • The "our favorite movie just came on!" snapchat.  For one shining moment, it's like you're quoting it together.  

Well now that you've seen my laundry pile and what I look like as a bull, I feel like we really are besties.  Have a great weekend and happy snapping!




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