Friday, December 2, 2016

Self Compassion

Happy Weekend, Besties!

I just wanted to post a quick reminder before the weekend to practice self compassion this weekend (and preferably always).  We have no idea what the future holds, even if we have our weekend all planned out.  Our lives are ever-changing.  If things don't go our way (and inevitably they won't at some point), let's try to stay in the moment and be ok with it.

Often it is so instinctual to be kind to others and tough on ourselves.  When my clients struggle with regrets, guilt, or shame, the first thing I ask them is: "What would you tell your best friend if they had this same struggle?"

100% of the time the next thing out of their mouths are kind, loving, compassionate words.  If our besties deserve this kind of support and love, surely we do too.

So whatever you have going on, remember that YOU are loved and you deserve love.




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