Monday, January 16, 2017

3 Charts to Make You Want a Spot of Tea

Welcome to Monday, my friends!  I hope many of you are enjoying a long weekend and that you have had some good time to take care of you.  If you follow me on Instagram (hint, hint: self_care_bestie) you know my phone just straight up crashed on Friday morning.  So I spent the weekend (mostly) disconnected, and I'm sharing my husband's phone until tomorrow morning when you can bet I'll be first in line at the Verizon store.  Though it was a nuisance, being without my phone forced me to slow down and connect more with my family and friends, which I'm thankful for.

In the spirit of slowing down, today I'm sharing 3 charts that reveal the health benefits, both physical and mental of tea.  I'm definitely a coffee drinker first thing in the morning, but there's just something about tea that is soothing and feels more like self care to me.  It's probably because my mom thought just about all of life's problems could be solved with a cup of hot tea and a chat.  Turns out she was right (moms usually are).

Growing up, we pretty much stuck to Lipton, but now that I'm an adult I realize there are a crazy amount of tea options to choose from.  Each type of tea boasts unique benefits...but who can keep them all straight?  Our first chart takes the guesswork out of choosing a tea for whatever your health need may be.

The next chart is organized by ailment, as opposed to type of tea.  You find what's ailing you on the chart, and boom:  several types of tea that help with that issue.  I like this one because you can easily see which types of tea help with more than one problem and stock up on those "super teas" (I'm looking at you, green tea!) next time you go shopping.

Last but not least, if it's a specific mood you are trying to achieve, there's a tea for that.  Whether you're battling anxiety, depression, anger, or restlessness, drinking certain types of tea can actually help you achieve emotional balance.  

There you have it!  Tea has been used medicinally for centuries and for good reason.  Drinking tea is a natural way to slow down, calm down, feel better, and improve your mind and body.  I've been on a green tea kick lately and have managed to avoid all the sickness my kids bring home from school.  #winning.  What's your favorite type of tea?


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