Thursday, February 16, 2017

10 Inspired Celebrations For You and Your Besties

Hello again!!  My mind has been on all things celebrating this week, probably because I still have Kool and the Gang stuck in my head from yesterday.  I'm also hosting some friends for dinner next week and I've been on the lookout for ways to go the extra mile for them.  The menu is all set, but I want to make the setting a little special as well.  One reason is that several of my Besties are super crafty and creative...when they host, everything looks like Pinterest and I am in awe of them completely.  They love me regardless of the fact that there isn't a crafty bone in my body (Bestie confession:  my children, ages 4 and 6 are more artistic than I am and I fear I've been put on permanent paper plate/napkin duty for all class parties from here until graduation).  That said, I love looking at pretty things, so I've rounded up 10 amazing celebrations for us to draw inspiration from.

I'm especially loving the Woodsy Dinner Party (serious #goals) and the Festive Brunch.  Which celebration makes you want to spend your whole paycheck and gather your Besties around the table?

Happy hosting, Besties!!


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