Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Bestie Finds: The Minimalist Bedroom

Bestie Finds: The Minimalist Bedroom

Ideally our bedrooms would be a calm, relaxing space that naturally inspire self care.  Unfortunately, my bedroom sometimes ends up the least calm room in the house because it's the room everything gets shoved into put in whenever we have guests over and I don't have time to do a full house clean.  #reallife

I've been loving the simple, minimalist bedrooms that have been popping up all over Pinterest lately.  There's something naturally soothing about a room with hardly anything in it.  Seriously, every time I walk into a hotel room, I'm like THIS is what a bedroom should be like!  Mine however, currently boasts an assortment of Duplos and Legos. #momprobs

Well, today's Bestie Finds has me dreaming of a simple, clean bedroom space for mama's self care.  Maybe if I do a total clean-out of our bedroom, my husband won't mind if I buy all these things (and if you're reading this babe, just think about don't have to answer right away!).  

Velvet Chair




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