Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Bestie Finds: City Mouse

Bestie Finds:  City Mouse

Today's Bestie Finds are for all the city mice out there. Whether you live or work in a city, are visiting one soon,or simply have a case of wanderlust, these self care picks will have you dreaming of bright lights and skyscrapers.

This sketchbook is anything but basic.  There's no better people watching than in a city, so if art is part of your self care, why not find a park bench and draw what you see? 

I'm loving this chic wall calendar...perfect for giving your home a city vibe, even if you are more of a "country mouse."  Bonus:  it features cities around the world so it doubles as travel inspo.  

Ah, Paree!  This sweet vintage pencil tin (complete with pencils!) pays homage to the city of lights...and helps you with that sketching or journaling you know you want to do there!

You know you want the perfect shot of you in Times Square or in front of Big Ben.  Don't take any chances with this selfie stick...and it's pink, so:  YAY!

Maybe it's because I'm a #boymom, but I can't think of city stuff without thinking of Gotham.  Treat yo self with this fun Batman bracelet, sure to bring a smile to you and any little city mice in your fam.  

Can we talk about this "Good Morning Upper East Siders" sleep mask?  I can't.  It's perfect.  'Nuff said.  

My self care often involves coffee, in the city or otherwise.  I love taking a to go cup to the train station... this cute to-go cup will get you there, caffeinated.  

One last nod to the City of Lights...this gorgeous Paris wrapping paper is sure to make your next gift a stunna.  Useful for wrapping the souvenirs you're planning on bringing back for me your loved ones.  

Fashion House Book  This gorgeous book features illustrated interiors of swanky abodes from penthouse suites to vintage Parisian lofts.  Completely worth an hour or two of your "me time" to drool over their loveliness.  




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