Friday, May 19, 2017

Hygge vs. Fika (Self Care Showdown)

Happy Friday, my friends!  I'm extra happy today, as my oldest boy is officially a 7 year old!  I've been reflecting on the last 7 years of motherhood, and, of course, I've been feeling alllll the feels.  I thought today might be a good time to treat myself (in addition to treating my sweet boy!)...after all, keeping a human alive for 7 years is quite an accomplishment!  Not to mention the nine months he grew in my belly, am I right?!

As I've been thinking about how to spend some "me time" today, I realized I've been wanting to try Hygge and Fika for a while.  Have you all heard of those practices?  They are all the rage in the world of self care right now, so I thought I'd break them down for you and maybe in the process decide how I want to spend a quiet hour this celebratory afternoon.  


Origin:  Danish, also practiced in Norway

Meaning:  A way of life celebrating coziness and togetherness

How to:  Create a cozy and warm environment, gather with loved ones, enjoy warm drinks and treats, relaxation

Pros:  Easy to find little ways to incorporate into daily life, improved relationships, less stressful way of living

Cons:  Some practices may not be as appealing in hot summer months, some aspects of the lifestyle may not appeal to everyone

Learn more:  Here

The verdict:  I'm so excited to add some hygge elements into my daily life (especially more gatherings with loved ones!).  I don't think it will feel as overwhelming to practice hygge if I start by thinking about how to make my current self care practices a little cozier.                                          


Origin:  Swedish

Meaning:  The practice of taking a relaxing afternoon coffee break

How to:  Have coffee and a treat each afternoon, relax, unplug & unwind, slow down mindfully

Pros:  Relaxing, happens daily so you prioritize self care, helps you practice mindfulness

Cons:  May feel restrictive or forced since it is a daily practice, could be costly if you're buying coffee and treats daily 

Learn more:  Here

The verdict:  I love the idea of fika and I've been having a coffee in the afternoon for a while now (#momlife), so I'll definitely continue to!  I think I'll try to take it outside and leave my phone inside from now on! 

Buuuut....I am also such a huge fan of hygge!  If you want an easy way to add more hygge to your life, check out this "How I Hygge" worksheet!

So what do you think?  Do you prefer hygge or fika?  Which one are you most excited to try?  Have a great weekend, Besties!

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