Tuesday, June 6, 2017

5 Hashtags to Search for Self Care Inspo

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know I was getting my hygge on all weekend long.  Fresh flowers were decorating my counters, my new candle was burning, I was cozied up under a fleece blanket (yes, in June...the weather has been less than summery around here lately), and I have enjoyed special time with my family.  Oh yeah, and treats.  I've been enjoying lots of treats.  

Aside from the fact that my husband kept asking why it was so dark in the house, I think the family has generally benefited from the cozy and chill vibe of our house.  And it got me thinking...

What if there was a way people could be freshly inspired to partake in some self care, perhaps in ways they haven't before?  How can people who are bored or who need help thinking of something good to do find their way to some fun ways to treat themselves?  And it would be great if they had access to such ideas anywhere and at any time.  

Enter, your Self Care Bestie.  Well, actually, enter Instagram.  

By simply searching a few awesome hashtags, you have access to fresh and fun self care inspo 24/7.  I've been stalking the following 5 #s that are full of amazing ways for you to do something fun, treat yourself right, and make good use of your downtime.  

One quick disclaimer:  people can # any picture with any # they like.  Most of the posts from these 5 #s are going to be what you're looking for.  But sometimes people # things a little oddly so...if you stumble across something you're not looking for by mistake, sorry. #Technology is a double-edged sword, my friends.

#hygge - Let's start with my recent self care obsession.  Full of photos of piping hot cups of coffee, cozy knits (and knitters), books, and families frolicking in the great outdoors, it's hard to be in a bad mood when you're scrolling through this feed.  You'll be inspired to take a quiet moment for yourself, and maybe turn your phone off for a while...well, after you stop looking at Instagram of course!  

#selfcare - It seems obvious enough, right?  Here you will find everything from workout inspiration to healthy (and sometimes not so healthy) foods, quotes, journaling pages, and friendly reminders to take care of YOU.  What's not to like?

#selfcarebestie - Ain't nothing wrong with a little shameless self promotion.  #sorrynotsorry  I try to post encouraging and inspiring photos and quotes, as well as ideas for your regular self care practice.  My goal is that you would find my feed uplifting and cheerful, and be inspired to read some of the books I recommend or carve out some time just for you. 

#wellness - Similar to #selfcare, these are typically photos of ways to keep your mind, body, and soul in tip top shape.  Lots of healthy food pictures, exercise ideas, and ways to focus on relaxation.

#fika - I don't want to leave fika out.  I love fika.  You will, too.  Pictures of glorious pastries, coffee, tea, more treats, and gorgeous outdoor views adorn the fika feed.  You will definitely find motivation here for mindful living and making time for you.  

Do you know of any other good #s we should search for self care inspo?  Sorry again in advance if someone's idea of #fika is their dog or if #wellness turns out to sometimes be body-builder wannabe's pics of themselves in a mirror.  You win some, you lose some, you know? ;)

If you're looking for a fun way to plan your self care, check out all my printable worksheets!


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