Thursday, January 11, 2018

50 Free Fun Things To Do

In the past, I've given you lists of ways to be creative and ways to beat boredom and ways to improve your life.  But today, I just want to share a list of 50 FREE fun things to do.  Self care gets a bad rap sometimes, with people touting it as expensive or indulgent.  I'm hoping this list will prove that neither is true (unless you consider a good game of Scrabble indulgent, and then by all means...indulge away).  

Christmas is long gone (and our decorations finally are too!), and spring seems crazy far away.  I used to think of the months post-Christmas as ho-hum and boring (not to mention cold), but this year I've decided that life is too short not to make the most of each and every day, no matter the season.  Some might chalk it up to my recent hygge addiction, others might say I'm just trying out this newfangled lifestyle called whimsy.  There may be some truth to those theories, but really I just like having fun.  Having fun is my favorite.

4. Watch some TV.
6. Listen to a podcast or sermon.
8. Go to the library.
9. Make a fashion or home decor mood board on Polyvore.
10. Go for a walk.
13.  Call or FaceTime a friend.
14. Read a blog post ;)
15. Paint your nails.
16. Just browse (no need to buy anything) your fave online stores.
17. Meditate.
18. Watch something from your childhood or something nostalgic on YouTube.
19. Play with a pet.
20. Play a game on your phone.
22. Have a living room dance party.
24. Browse through old photos.
25. Re-decorate a space in your home using items you already have.
26. Cook or bake something.
27.  Whip up a cocktail or mocktail using just what you have.
28. Do a home project using supplies you already have on hand.
30. Drink a big glass of lemon water.  Then maybe another one.
31. Have a fruit or veggie snack.
32. Set some goals.
34. Download a fun and free app to your phone.
35. Get rid of 10 things you no longer need. 
36. Pretend to be your favorite book or TV/movie character for the day.  No one will even know you're doing it and you'll have a blast remembering how to pretend. 
37. Make a list of 10 things you love about yourself. 
38. Watch a TED Talk.
39. Make a craft using only supplies you already have. 
40. Declutter a space in your home.
41. Take a free exercise class (better yet, download your free trial of Aaptiv and get a free exercise class from the comfort of home!)
42. Make a list of your favorite quotes. 
43. Take a photo of something that makes you happy.
45. Start your own blog.
47. Reply to emails/clean out your inbox.
48. Pray. 
49. Backup photos on your phone. 
50. Post something on social media that is encouraging or uplifts someone.

Ok, my Besties, what do you think?  Could you find a few free fun things to do on this list?  Let me know what you would add in the comments!  Here's to making the most of these winter months, enjoying fun self care and sticking to those New Year's financial goals you may have set. #winning

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