Monday, June 25, 2018

FREE 5 Day Self-Care Challenge!

Who wants to join my FREE 5 day self-care challenge?!  

You, me, errrrybody! (cue the thunderous applause).

Yes, my Besties, it's about to get REAL.  Because I don't want this to be a place where we merely think about self-care.  I don't want this to be a place where we merely talk about self-care.  Ohhh heck no!

THIS is a place where we will actually prioritize and participate in self-care (and the crowd goes wiiiiild).

Starting July 1, I'm holding a self-care challenge like no other.  And the good news?  You can sign up today!

When you sign up, you'll receive one email per day on July 1-5 full of the encouragement you need to finally start making time for self-care.  There will be one short activity per day, PLUS I'll be going live on the Self Care Bestie Facebook page as well as on my Instagram account to answer any and all of your questions about the challenge, self-care, mental health, or wellness.





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