Welcome, Besties!

I'm so glad you found your way to my site!  My goal is that everyone who visits will leave feeling refreshed, lighthearted, and encouraged.  Every day is a gift and life is for LIVING.  Most people need help figuring out how to love the life they live.  Your Self Care Bestie is here to help!

My name is Cathleen and I'm a licensed clinical social worker in private practice. A common theme among my clients, and I believe in most people, is that they don't practice regular self care! Too many of us have grown up feeling guilty about doing something nice for ourselves.  Or we feel we don't have time to engage in something just for us.  Or we just can't think of anything GOOD to do!  

These are a few ways I love to help people love the life they are living:

1. FaceTime, Skype, or phone therapy sessions.  Click here if you are interested...it would be an honor to work with you!

2.  My ebook, 31 Days To Managing Your Moods.  In this book, I share the exact strategies I use with my clients in a day by day, easy to digest format. In over a decade of practicing clinical social work, these are the most powerful interventions that help people stop obsessing over what doesn't matter and start living in the joy that comes from a healthy mindset. 

3.  My etsy shop, full of fun and easy-to-use self care printables and worksheets.  Again, these are printables I use with my clients, but I also use them myself because they help me focus on self care, gratitude, and being intentional about my thought life.  I know you will love them too!

4.  If there's any other way I can be helpful, please don't hesitate to email me and let me know!  I started this blog to reach more people with my therapy practice and my heart behind that is to be a mental health and wellness resource to as many people as possible!




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